Regional Beauty Contest Won By Most Beautiful Girls Of Nikolayev

Regional Beauty Contest Won By Most Beautiful Girls Of Nikolayev

Ukrainian student and model from Nikolayev, Karina Sokrut won the international beauty contest “Queen of Beauty Universe 2015” in Spain. It is not surprising that the girl who has managed to conquer the world beauty contest is from Nikolayev. The city is famous for the most beautiful girls in Ukraine.

Dozens of beauty contests take place in Nikolayev every year. Moreover, Nikolayev students are common winners of such regional beauty contests. The reason why Nikolaev holds a lot of beauty contests is that any girl in Nikolayev may be considered the epitome of beauty. Can you imagine a place where you see attractive women everywhere? You go shopping, you are at the cinema or you just go for a walk – you are enchanted with Ukrainian beauty.

If you see a woman who is well dressed and well-cared-of, looks good, wears a dress and high heels, it does not mean that there is some special occasion. That is just the way girls in Nikolayev always look like. Foreigners always say that they feel like at the beauty contest held in the whole city. As a matter of fact, we cannot blame them for that. The charming smile, the magnetic look and the slender body will make anybody think so.

Another question often asked is why foreigners want to find a wife from Ukraine. The answer is probably simple, because Ukrainian women are good wives. There are several reasons that explain this point.

The first reason why women from Ukrainian cities like Nikolaev can charm any man is natural beauty. A woman in Ukraine knows how to look after herself. She goes to a gym, eats a healthy food and never forgets to be feminine. Femininity is the quality that most Ukrainian girls and women have. When men look at beautiful girls in Ukraine, their hearts start beating faster, and they may even become numb for a second, because they feel as if being enchanted.

The second reason why men from different countries want to have a bride from Ukraine is that Ukrainian women are supportive. They will never take their husband for granted. Girls and women from Ukraine love with all their heart. A family is very important for every girl and woman. A family is something sacred to Ukrainian women.

Furthermore, being a loving mother, a woman from Ukraine never forgets to be a caring wife. It is the quality that makes Ukrainian girls and women so special. Their husbands can always rely on their wives, for Ukrainian women know how to listen and be faithful.

The third reason why foreigners choose Ukrainian women may be perhaps surprising for some people. It is that women in Ukraine are good at cooking and keeping house. They are not ashamed to be good housewives in the first place. Being good at preparing some traditional dishes like varenyky, borshch or deruny, Ukrainian wife knows how to surprise her man by making Italian dinner with lasagna or French breakfast with croissants and coffee. A home is a family fortress for Ukrainian woman, and she will do everything to protect it.

Finally, finding a life-long relationship or their future husband to have a happy marriage with is a dream for many beautiful women in Ukraine. Thus, do not hesitate to communicate with the girls of the city who are the beauty treasure of Nikolayev.